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Ohaus Explorer Analytical Scales
Ohaus Explorer Analytical Scales
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Specification of Ohaus Explorer Analytical Scales

Explorer Ohaus Analytical Scales

Mass measuring tools that have precision and accuracy in the scientific and medical objectives that are familiar, namely analytical balance (analytical balance). In addition to the scientific and medical fields, analytical scales are also needed in the field of culinary and industrial studies both the food industry and industry in general. Analytical scales are used on substances commonly used in laboratories to determine the mass of substances to micro units accurately and accurately. Analytical scales are also usually equipped with a transparent space so that the substance to be weighed is protected from environmental disturbances (air or wind, humidity, or extreme temperatures that change rapidly and suddenly) that may affect the operation of the equilibrium of the appliance. But for newer analytical scales it has an automatic calibration feature and can adapt to the laboratory environment when it is activated.

Specifications Explorer EX125:

Product Type Semi-Microbalance

Internal Calibration

Capacity (g) 120

Capacity (kg) 0.12

Capacity (lbs) 0.26

Housing dimensions 15.5 X 4.3 X 9.1

Dimensions ("W) 9

Dimensions ("H) 15.5

Dimensions ("D) 13.8

Full-Color Touchscreen Display

Platform dimensions 15.5 X 9.1

Readability (g) 1e-005

Readability (kg) 1e-008

Linearity (g) 0.0001

Brand Ohaus

Repeatability (g) 1.5e-005

Weighing units g, mg, kg, ct, gn, oz, ozt, lb, dwt, N, mom, tical, msg, tola, baht, Hong Kong Tael, Tael Tael, Taiwan Tael, Custom Units 1, Custom Unit 2, Custom Unit 3

Stabilization time Less then 3 seconds

Power (VAC) 100-240 VAC

Battery None

Draft shield (WxHxD) 9.5 X 6.6

RS-232 interface Included, option for 2nd RS232

Languages ​​9 languages

Output RS232, USB

Manufacturer number EX125

General Laboratory Equipment

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